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Shining Moments: Visual Highlights From WAOI's Empowerment & Community

The Objectives of the WAOI Association:

a) Challenge Perceptions and Promote Equality:

Raise awareness to debunk the misconception that women surgeons are not as competent as men and emphasize their capabilities, potentially surpassing prevailing standards.

b) Community Engagement and Service:

Actively engage in community service by providing assistance, screening, treatment, and conducting public awareness lectures to benefit the community.

c) Support and Empower Women Colleagues:


Uphold and empower minority women in the surgical field by recognizing their unique talents and promoting their social integration and recognition.


d) Enhance Emotional Well-being:


Foster emotional well-being among women in their respective professional environments, providing support and encouragement.


e) Promote Technological Advancements:


Advocate for the adoption and dissemination of new technologies and advancements within the field of otolaryngology.

f) Facilitate Research and Publication:


Encourage and support research activities, publications, and academic contributions in otolaryngology.


g) Aid Rural and Small-town Colleagues:


Assist women colleagues in rural and smaller-town areas by offering necessary equipment and training opportunities.


h) Encourage Future Surgeons:


Promote awareness and provide counselling to medical and science students, encouraging them to pursue a career in otolaryngology irrespective of gender.


i) Mentorship and Guidance:


Encourage junior professionals to gather data and publish articles, enhance their resumes, and guide them in making informed choices for their specialization.


j) Legal support:


Offer legal assistance, when needed, to address issues such as workplace sexual harassment or medicolegal cases.


k) Educational Support for Postgraduates:

Provide educational Support to ENT Postgraduate students, including study materials and financial aid for fellowships if required.

l) Recognition and Appreciation:

 Appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of women surgeons, applauding their accomplishments despite the challenges they may face.

m) Support Innovation:

To advance the field, Foster and support innovation within the otolaryngology speciality.

WAOI Inspiring Stories

My dear Kalpana, Sharmila, Chanchal and Abha, this is especially to thank you all for the wonderful welcome and warm hospitality from when Abha came to pick me up at the airport till I Left on Monday morning. All of you made me feel genuinely cared for and a part of your group. My enthusiasm and interest in our field increased and made me feel proud of the skills and wonderful work all you youngsters are doing today. The quality of most of the presentations was of a high order. The variety of topics was also good.I look forward to our continuing progress and friendship in the near future.
With love and best wishes, thanks not only to you all but to all those associated with the organization of this meeting.

Pilloo Hakim

Media Coverage

WAOI का ऐतिहासिक मेंटर्स समिट, देशभर से आईं 110 महिला ENT सर्जन 

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